Situated in South West Northumberland, in the foothills of the Pennines, Whitfield is considered by many to come close to the ideal of an English Sporting Estate.

With some 15,000 acres of very sporting terrain to choose from, we are able to offer great sport throughout the shooting season, with grouse, partridge and pheasant shooting of the highest quality, as well as mixed days and rough days too.

Not only can Whitfield provide some of the finest shooting in the country, it does so in very beautiful and completely unspoilt surroundings. The estate is located in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and situated around the West Allen Valley, sometimes known as “Little Switzerland” for its dramatic scenery.

Why Whitfield?

Our “mission statement” is in our name and can be summed up in one word - “Sporting”! Unlike many shoots we do not believe that the point of the day is to shoot as many birds as possible.

Instead we believe shooting is about memorable birds, those shots that you remember for years to come, great company from fellow guns and from a friendly team of keepers and beaters, not forgetting a thoroughly good lunch.

Most of our days are therefore in the 250/300 bird range, although we can do more than that if required. Head Keeper Stuart Maughan is renowned for his ability to show a steady stream of very testing birds to the guns. We tend to shoot a relatively small number of long drives each day, which minimizes time wasted between drives. If for some reason the birds are not coming your way you will be moved to ensure you get a decent share of the sport. Because the shooting is testing you can fire just as many shots and have at least twice the fun on a 250 bird day at Whitfield as you may have on a 500 bird day elsewhere - at of course around half the cost. That has to make sense!

From high profile corporate shoots down to a rough walk up with a few mates, we take each day equally seriously because we believe a shoot is only as good as the next day it puts on. The first year we started letting days, back in 1989, we took out some advertising. We have never had to do so since: the vast majority of our bookings are repeat and it is your recommendations that fill the balance of the days.



Sporting Enquiries

For sporting enquiries please contact Head Keeper Stuart Maughan
Tel: 07501 460017

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