Whitfield grouse moor is circa 7,500 acres with effectively two and a half beats: in a good year we will shoot three days a week early in the season otherwise we will shoot two. Back to back days can be offered.

In very good years the moor can shoot over 3,000 brace (e.g. 2017 saw the moor record of 4000 brace), with some individual days in excess of 200-300 brace. Most days early in the season will be let for 100 brace plus.

The moor is butted for a team of up to 10 guns. Most lines of butts are sunk and the majority have been renewed in recent years. Teams usually shoot with double guns or a single with a loader.

Each beat has its dedicated lunch hut (two of which are stone built). A good lunch (including hot soup) is provided along with a wide selection of drinks and nice wine. For those who find rough walking challenging, the Estate provides its own Argocat and/or Polarises.

One Estate long wheel based landrover is available if required for guns transport onto the moor.

Sporting Enquiries

For sporting enquiries please contact Head Keeper Stuart Maughan
Tel: 07501 460017