The topography at Whitfield is ideally suited for pheasant shooting. The Estate straddles both sides of a deep and narrow valley, ending at its northern most end in the Allen Valley gorge. This is where some of the highest and most renowned drives are situated.

Elsewhere hanging woods on steep hillsides provide challenging sport in dramatic surroundings.

With over a thousand acres of woodland, mainly in smallish blocks and ranging from riverbed stands to shelter belts on the edge of the fell we can offer an unrivalled selection of shooting experiences, from the classic high pheasant drive in the valley bottom to something much windier and more adrenaline-fuelled on the edge of the moor.

Whilst drives such as ER2, Craghead, Kingswood Rock, Monk Bank and Crook Bridge compare with the very best that the West Country has to offer, pheasant shooting at Whitfield is not only about stratospheric pheasants. We offer 3 different types of day – Economy, Classic, and Extreme.


“Economy” days are as described on the tin. They are intended to provide very reasonably priced shooting from the Estate’s less testing woods, however given the terrain they can offer very good sport in their own right, particularly with a helpful wind.

The other two kinds of day offer increasingly testing shooting. A Classic day offers the typical Whitfield  experience with some very challenging but shootable birds, while an Extreme day is just that - for high bird experts with big cartridges!l


All Whitfield pheasant days are now fixed price, with a minimum estimated bag for Classic or Extreme Days of 250 birds for all days (except for a handful at the end of the season). A good lunch with wine at The Elks Head in Whitfield is included in the cost of all full-price Classic and Extreme days. Elevenses (usually sloe gin and sausages) are also provided by the Estate, as is a cup of coffee on arrival in the morning.

Sporting Enquiries

For sporting enquiries please contact Head Keeper Stuart Maughan
Tel: 07501 460017